SpriteSheet Packer is a GUI and command line tool to create sprite sheets.

Supported operating systems: MacOS, Windows and other QT supported platform.


SpriteSheet Packer is MIT license, open source project intended to help the beginning developers. Uses QT with LGPL license.


Download pre-build release version.

Follow this steps for compile from sources:




Creating your first sprite sheet

  • Run SpriteSheetPacker with out arguments
  • Press Add sprites or Add smart folder on toolbar or menu
  • Set Destination folder in Output group on Property destination
  • Enter sprite sheet name sprite-sheet-name
  • Press Publish sprite sheet on toolbar or menu publish

Command Line

Usage: SpriteSheetPacker [options] source destination

Options Description
-h, --help Displays this help.
-v, --version Displays version information.
-f, --format Format for export sprite sheet data. Default is cocos2d.
--texture-border Border of the sprite sheet, value adds transparent pixels around the borders of the sprite sheet. Default value is 0.
--sprite-border Sprite border is the space between sprites. Value adds transparent pixels between sprites to avoid artifacts from neighbor sprites. The transparent pixels are not added to the sprites, default is 2.
--trim Allowed values: 1 to 255, default is 1. Pixels with an alpha value below this value will be considered transparent when trimming the sprite. Very useful for sprites with nearly invisible alpha pixels at the borders.
--powerOf2 Forces the texture to have power of 2 size (32, 64, 128...). Default is disable.
--max-size Sets the maximum size for the texture, default is 8192.
--scale Scales all images before creating the sheet. E.g. use 0.5 for half size, default is 0.5.
Arguments Description
source Source folder with sprites for packing.
destination Destination folder where saving the sprite sheet.


$ SpriteSheetPacker /alekseymakaseev/Character /alekseymakaseev/testResources --trim 2 --scale 0.5